The book that answers all your questions, that you can help write

Angel Diary Cover 2016
A book you can help write

The Angel Diary as reviewed by a Mere Mortal

It’s amazing how much you can learn from an ordinary angel’s diary!

What was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? What hung on the Tree of Life? What was it like for God when He was alone, before He created angels and men? What “burns” in hell? Why did Lucifer, the smartest of all creatures, smart enough to know he would lose, smart enough to know he would suffer Hell, knowing what he was doing, defy God?

The answers to these and many other “unanswerable” questions are given with so much supporting Scripture that you will have to pinch yourself to remember it is, technically, “fiction”. (Continued in “Introduction“)



Chapter 1: Beelzebub’s Amazing Choices  Part One: Before Time – “The Cause of Hell”  What was going through the mind of Heaven’s top angel, to explain his rebellion against Heaven? It is hard enough to understand why any human would turn away from Heaven, even for a moment. An interview with Satan.

Chapter 2: Friendly Fire  Why do God’s critics react to evidence, facts, and reason as if they were being tortured by Hell fire? What does Hebrews 12 mean by saying “our God is a consuming fire”? God’s angels search for answers.

Chapter 3: Hell at the Movies  The Heavenly Host holds a conference to understand the nonsense that masquerades as logic of their fallen brothers. Examples are shown on Realograms.

Chapter 4: Demon Drunk!  The addictions of Hell, without alcohol or drugs. The angels study the fantasies of creative minds determined to believe anything but reality, and to trust anything but God. Even Twistees!

Chapter 5: God’s Fireside Chat  God answers all His angels’ questions, including what caused Hell Fire.

Chapter 6: God will not crush wills  God won’t drag anyone into Heaven. God wants no “swordpoint conversions”. God honors Choice enough to not emasculate it by stripping it of its consequences. God begins to explain to His angels how He reaches out to those who choose tragically.

Chapter 7: Judgment! God told His angels, ““Meditate on what is truly incomprehensible about the fate the lost have chosen. Not how long they will resist the Joy of My Presence; meditate on what could cause such resistance, even for a moment!”

Chapter 8: The Book of Life! Where is that huge growing ball of water, hovering in God’s Workshop, coming from? And what is God writing in that huge book?

Chapter 9: The Beginning of Time [Part 2: Creation] The new planet made of water, two light years in diameter: what that much mass does to time. How some of the water turned into underwater lights..

Chapter 10 Days 2-4: The Universe  There wasn’t just “light”. There was a light show like no DJ could imagine. Plants, before the Sun. Where the sun came from.

Chapter 11: Evolutionists from Hell The Earth hasn’t even made it around its sun once, and the demons are already saying it’s been around 20 billion times! Experiments in sarcasm are conducted by God’s angels.

Chapter 12: Man! God saved the best for last. A body made of dirt, a soul made of Heaven. How different from the animals! Watch what God does with blood.

Chapter 13 The Tree of GracePart 3: The Two Trees Both of the trees were obviously designed for human consumption, but for several reasons the angels are discussing, the humans aren’t ready to eat them. They need to wait just a little, but there is nothing terrible about waiting a little.

Afterward: Goal of this Book The purpose of this book is to explain the purpose of life in a way that those most desperate to understand it may accept it. Why the Scriptures are presented in this way.